Agents of steer (Unity Asset Store)

Agents of steer is a race AI system which is a combination of steering behaviors like

· Pursuit
· Unaligned collision avoidance
· Obstacle avoidance
· Path Following
· Separation
· Queuing
· and some special logic

these helps the system to give a vehicle competitive and intelligent behavior and this is 100% mobile compatible with android , ios, etc.

We currently only support 3 or more wheeled vehicles but we will have more types of vehicles very soon,This package will be constantly updated with fixes and features

New Police Car

1.4 includes a new car , this car can either be in parked mode or in patrolling mode where when alerted , it will try to ram the racing cars. Go try it in the demo , it’s quite fun.

Easy to re-skin

you can easily replace each and every artwork and make it truly yours.

The new Race Manager

this new race manager system helps you create a circuit or sprint race with any no. of AI and any no. of laps.

Really Simple

This system can be used to create any type of racing vehicle which requires any of these behaviors. now it can also conduct races.


There are two types of documentation included in this package one is a startup guide that gets you started quickly and second is a script reference that gives you detailed meaning of every public attributes in all the scripts provided.

Mobile Compatibility

-New UI based controls
-accelerometer based controls (tilt to steer)
-new separate optimized scenes for mobile

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