Download : Free Car Controller Kit

Ok guys ,the Car Controller series is now completed and also i have reached above 1k subscribers on YouTube , Therefore i got a grate gift for my BROS and that is, a new Car Controller Kit
which is using exactly same code from the Car Controller series but it has just a bit more features and its super easy ,to download it, click the link below , to understand how to use this kit to create different types of cars using same scripts , watch the tutorial below, also i am not charging anything for this , its a free download and you can do whatever you want with it , if you’ve created something that you would like to share with me then post it in the comments below or leave it as a response on YouTube or post it on my Facebook page.
And i’ll catch you in my next post till then good bye.

Note : To make this kit work , you should have Unity 3D version 4.1.5 or above.


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