Tutorial Series : Car AI

This series is the second part of the car controller series , In this series i’ll be showing you how to create a bit advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) for a racing game, in this series i’ll be using exact same softwares that i have used in the last series , don’t worry they all are free.

Series :
 Is Completed  : Yes

Main Features :
Breaking at curves
Predefined path following behavior
Obstacle avoidance
And Alot of things….

here’s the playlist of the Car AI on YouTube :

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2 thoughts on “Tutorial Series : Car AI”

  1. Hi! I want to create an AI car just like you do in your tutorial series Car AI and I ran into problem. The problem occured at 4th episode. The problem is that when I run my game, car starts to move, but the Transform position of car (x, y, z) don't changes, so currentPathObj is always set on first point (0). Even that car is clearly moving position stays the same and that is why car don't steer. Can you please help me with taht?

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