Scene Transition System

Assetstore’s most loved scene transitioning tool

Agents of steer

A customizable Race AI system and a game template.

Maze generator and solver

This system uses DFS algorithm to generate perfect mazes.

Endless runner game template

Collect coins and powerups while swimming through the river.

Triple jumper

You have the ability to perform a triple jump but can you survive the spikes.

Fly the plane

simple 1 finger control tap and hold to gain altitude and release to dive.

2D seasons

A 2d day night cycle with weather effects.

Day night cycle

3D daynight cycle and also my first submission to the asset store.

Circular pong

Pong but things get circular.


it’s a weird game.

Screaming Bird

This game uses your microphone as input eg. SCREAM to jump

Block ball

Time it perfectly to keep the ball inside.

Amazing Snake

just don’t be one.

You will crash

Full game template with ads implemented.