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K.I.A is an old-school hard stealth first-person shooter game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Dive into the world of espionage, sabotage, and cunning heists as you play the role of Jack, a war veteran imprisoned for his past war crimes. An enigmatic agent from K.I.A offers him freedom in exchange for his unparalleled skills.

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Gameplay - Tutorial level

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Story Plot

Jack’s journey begins when he gets an unexpected visit from a K.I.A agent. The game’s plot revolves around the following mission types:


Story Mode

The game features an engaging narrative that unlocks various challenges for maps as you progress through the storyline.

Challenge Mode

For those seeking a true test of their skills, K.I.A offers a challenging mode that is both difficult and time-bound. Unlock these challenges as you play through the story.

Note From the Developer

This game is a passion project created by a single developer. It’s designed to capture the essence of old-school hard stealth games that start off challenging but become incredibly satisfying as you master them. If you’re a fan of such games and enjoy speed runs, this game is tailor-made for you.

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