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ConnectPeeps - Hypercasual puzzle prototype


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Dive into the colorful world of “ConnectPeeps,” a hypercasual game where you take on the role of the green capsule. Your mission is to connect islands by drawing lines and strategically using mathematical operations—multiply, divide, add, or subtract. The game combines elements of drawing, math, and education in a fun and engaging manner.

Objective: Outsmart your opponent by connecting islands strategically while employing basic mathematical operations. Each connection made multiplies, divides, adds, or subtracts the number of peeps on the connected islands. The peep who loses all their peeps first is declared the loser.


Drawing: Connect islands by drawing lines between them. Math: Utilize basic mathematical operations (multiply, divide, add, subtract) to influence the number of peeps on connected islands. Educational: Sharpen your mathematical skills in a playful and entertaining way. Platform Compatibility: Available on Android, iOS, WebGL, and as a standalone game.